Building on a Firm Foundation: The

‘Livability Principles’

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The Women's Intercultural Center is one of the organizations participating in the process and will be hosting the upcoming public meetings.


Before continuing our progress on the Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) portion of the Viva Doña Ana process, it’s important to confirm what we’ve set as the broad goals for the effort. If we can all agree on those goals, then we can check each step in the process against the likelihood of getting closer to where we want to go.


The next big step: Two-day workshops from September 22 to September 28 in three locations convenient to residents in the north, south and central regions of the County. Everyone’s invited. We’ll be testing alternative policy approaches against the goals we’ve agreed upon.


We’ll update these web pages with times and places for each of the September workshops; so keep checking back.


Like other components of Viva Doña Ana planning, the Comp Plan effort builds on the foundation of six broad “Livability Principles”. The principles provide broad enough categories to include more specific concerns of Doña Ana communities. And just as important, they’re familiar enough categories to make it easy to talk with state and federal governments, with other regions and with private sector investors about proven policies, programs and funding strategies to achieve our goals.


Conversation about the Livability Principles has to recognize the vocabulary and culture unique to Doña Ana County, as well. So to make sure we enter the scenario planning phase in September speaking the same language and confident in the foundation we’ve laid so far, we need a process to reaffirm and refine the big goals.


That process went into high gear July 9-10.


We knew we couldn’t convene every community in Doña Ana County. So with the help of Ngage New Mexico, a regional non-profit that convenes and coordinates community engagement, we invited folks active in community affairs through out the County to serve as focus group participants to explore ways to clarify and focus the Livability Principles. In the video below, Lucia Carmona explains how Ngage and the community representatives it works with fit into the Comp Plan process.